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cloddy skies through the afternoon a high up about 85 degrees. that will be the two degree guarantee below normal and we are setting the stage for a really nice weekend and yes another heatwave next week we will talk about coming. now let's talk about traffic here with tonya. >> reporter: let's talk about 95 heading northbound from laurel no incidents to report in your way. so that's always good news we are doing okay on the beltway and 95 at fort mchenry tunnel. 59 north of white marsh boulevard no incidents to report here. the southbound traffic is to the right of the scene and that has a -- screen and that has a little more volume ahead northbound is running fine. the problem that we run into is when 95 northbound traffic gets to cecil county. all southbound lanes are blocked past 222 exit 9 3. you will have to get off at exit 100 and use route 1 or pulaski highway instead. we have debris on the inner loop at harrisburg expressway. joce. >> thanks. this morning, president obama will hold a news conference to
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give insight on how all those debt talks are going. leaders will get to take the day off today but as abc2 news melissa rainy reports, the president wants to be on the path to an agreement by saturday. >> we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid. eat our peas. >> reporter: but those peas are not going down very easily. thursday marked day five of debt talks in washington ending once again with no resolution. >> progress has been made significant details and proposals have been discussed. >> this is not easy. because what we are trying to do is solve a problem that is allude washington for decades. >> reporter: president obama reportedly told congressional leaders to consult with their associates over the next 24 to 36 hours and decide how to proceed. obama opposes a short-term deal and still wants a plan that trims the deaf is the by 4 trillion dollars. >> the president wants us to
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help pay for his spending binge. since we started this debate our message to the president has been simple, mr. president, if you want our help to pay your bills, it's time to cut up the credit cards. >> reporter: if a deal is not reached by august 2nd, the u.s. could default on the bills. that means the military and social security recipients may not get paid. >> the stakes are too high and if there's not a deal there, are levers to pull the president has at his disposal. he said no deal by saturday and we will look at ensuring we don't default. >> reporter: melissa rainy, abc2 news. it's appears this morning that minnesota's government shutdown may soon be ending. the governor says he is exexpect to call a special session within days to pass a budget and reopen the state for business. the governor says he and republican lawmakers have the framework for an agreement. the government shutdown july 1st and more than 22,000 state workers were laid off. big changes to the inner
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harbor after 31 years in one place. phillips is on the move. steven phillip's and daven cord -- dave cordish joined together to make announce med. cordish was said to make sure whoever moves into the espn spot is perfect and he feels this is e says the william donald schaeffer would be proud. >> i met on several different occasion was bryce and mayor schaeffer and he was governor but to me he will be mayor and neither is with us but as i indicated they would be very, very happy to see the union of the phillip's family which is four generation here in baltimore with the cordish family which is also four generations here. >> phillip's restaurant, one of the first tenant in the inner harbor will move at end of
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september. the bubba gump shrimp company will move in. phillip's will take over the first floor and have indoor and outdoor seating and a raw bar and a deck on a barge. the state wants your input about redrawing the congressional district. there will be 12 public hearings held by governor o'malley's redistricting advisory committee. so far three of those have been announced. the first will be saturday july 23rd at 11 a.m. at hancock high school in washington county. the second will be the same day at 2 p.m. at hood college in frederick. the third will be monday july 25th at prince george's community college in largo at 7 p.m. making news around the nation this morning, forget running of the bulls. check out this stampede as texas opened up the application process for people looking for housing vouchers. it is a five-year wait so hundreds showed up early hoping to get assistance with rental housing. things became chaotic when officials opened the doors early. >> it was unorganized and a lot
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of people here first ended up at the end because they couldn't run fast enough. >> at least eight people were hurt in the rush. look at this video a rescue caught on tape in seattle. a window washer fell off his seat. he was 65 feet in the air and held on by just his safety. >>i looked up and saw a man hanging there. and i was like oh my god he is hanging there. >> he cried for help for nearly 20 minutes before somebody heard him and called 911. and before long firefighters arrived on the scene and hoisted up a ladder to meet him while a technical team dropped lines down from the roof to make sure he didn't fall further. after a couple minutes he was on the ladder safely and he was clearly shaken. no word on what caused this massive fire in texas. flames raced through a scrap yard in greenville 50 miles outside dallas. heavy smoke could be seen for miles cars and tires were burning.
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but there are no reports of any injuries. a plane collision at boston's logan international airport. the wing of a plane clipped the tail of another aircraft providing reason nall -- regional air service and a spokesperson says one person complained of neck plane after a delta plane hit another plane. both went back to the gate and the incident is under investigation. pretty cool video to show you this morning. a woman captures pictures of a double rainbow. we will tell you where it was spotted. and it may be hard to stomach, a strange dish growing in popularity. what one meat market is add together brats. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 a.m. k9 advantix ii.
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check it out. another amazing picture of a double rainbow. so intense. yesterday, it was central park. this one in coney island a cnn i reporter captured the photos from brooklyn and says seeing how bright the sun was after a rainstorm she thought there might be a rainbow and sure if you there was one and it was a two fer a double rainbow. who knows if she will do a
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youtube individual crow -- video that goes viral. will we get a double rainbow? >> no we will be rain free but across the sky. we had ourselves beautiful visions yesterday. here another look from the maryland science center. look at that scene northeast wind and you watch it go east more right to left during the afternoon and evening. a mix of two levels of clouds a low puffy cumulus clouds and high thin sireous ones yesterday. this morning we are down to 69 degrees nearby the inner harbor at tide point. one of the warmest spots and it will be by the water during the morning. although eastern shore a different story and coolest numbers in the state over there in cambridge. at 57 degrees we are looking at 60 degrees. remember we will have a great morning here mostly clear
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skies. mix in for morning sky. make for a beautiful sunrise officially coming up at 5:53. we should be getting colors in the sky right now. and we are looking for aiming for the two degree guaranteed high under a partly cloudy sky of 85. here tonya with traffic. >> reporter: we are doing okay at bay bridge and key bridge no problems 95 at fort mchenry tunnel. look at the harbor tunnel 895 north of the harbor tunnel there. the southbound traffic to the right of your scene and northbound traffic on the left. the problem is in cecil county. biff tell you about that there's the drive time doing fine. five minutes 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway. and outer loop 795 to 77 bel air to providence. and you can see that we have inner loop debris. on the inner loop at harrisburg expressway 95 past 359 traveling in cecil county 95
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southbound is shut down past 222. get off at route -- at exit 100. joce. >> times the strangest food -- sometimes the strangest food combinations are good but this one, we will let you decide a meat market in minnesota has come up with a rather uniqueidea. they added a sweet but strange ingredient to the brat. the ingredient is gummy bears. >> everybody has to try them they are so intrigued. >> the owner says he sells 40 different flares of bratwurst and makes between 50 and 70 pounds of gmy bear brats every week. and he is take suggestion for new flavors he tried snickers and pop tart brats but they didn't work out so well. he is testing cool aid brats in cherry, orange and grape flavors. oh. that he sounds really gross. well, if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, artscape kicks off today. food, fun, face painting and live entertainment. find out who will be performing
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tonight. >> we are live at arundel mills mall for the harry potter maine yeah. i am sherrie johnson. i caught a couple fans who want to discuss the movie coming up next. [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, you can get that same cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra soft has extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ah. [ female announcer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft.
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now "good morning maryland." why. baltimore city police are searching for the person responsible for shooting two security guards. it happened around 9:30. police say two guards were making rounds when they saw a suspicious person. they went over to check things out and a fight broke out. cops say a female guard was shot in the eye and a male guard was shot in the chest. police believe the gunman was also wounded. tonight governor ohaly will give a keynote speech. he left for salt lake city for the governors association semiannual meeting. and he is the chairman of the organization. artscape kicks off today at noon. good times. about 350,000 people are expected to attend the three dane festival in the mount -- three-day festival in the mount royal neighborhood.
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there will be a wide variety of food. fantasia is scheduled to perform tonight at 8:30. for complete list of events, street closures and information where to park, log onto and click on the news tab and then click local. a big event overnight. fans lined up to see the 8th and final installment of the harry potter series, the deathly hallows part 2 opened up at mid night. sherrie johnson joins us live from arundel mills mall to tell us what moviegoers are saying about the film. you caught people coming out at the 3 a.m. >> reporter: they are so excited. the smiles are so big this morning as they came out. everyone was so exciteded and they thought the movie was -- excited. and they thought the movie was great i caught up with two people who went to the -- it was great. i caught up with two people who went to the mov movie. david -- movie. david, what did you think? >>i was blob away.
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and it -- blown away. it captured the feeling of the book. coming out here and at 3 in the morning and getting out at 6, i am seeing the sunrise. it's a surreal feeling i can't describe it. >> reporter: and how long have you been following the harry potter series? >> actually, this is grade school when it came out for me. i mean, i actually read the second book first. everyone told me about harrypotter this and that and once i started to read the books it caught up. and it is a fantastic series. i mean, can't really say anything more than that. >> reporter: excellent. let's see what christy has to say. you coming out what did you think? >>i loved it and cried a little and cried when i read the book i went to the theme park last year in orlando. so we had to come we were watching the movies before and it's been exciting, the whole night. >> reporter: ants final installment is it sad? >>i feel like i am a harry potter kid. i want another book or something. >> reporter: well, thanks so much for standing out here and
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talking to me. i am so glad you enjoyed the movie. thanks for chatting with us. so that's just two of the folks. there were tons of people coming out of that theater. and they all had comments just like that. so, not a disappointment here. everyone was very excited and anxious and some want another one. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. and we want to know what do you think of the fill until did you go in costume? leave your comments or pictures on your wmar facebook fan page and we will read them and show them on air. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. and the weather worth a repeat if you could do such a thing. yesterday, we hit a high of 83. low humidity a lot of sunshine and nice pleasant breeze. that's the way it should be andthat's way it was. we will trial to hang on this this before sum he makes a
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return. atlanta barely made 90. 94 in memphis with a break of real heat as well. on the 15th of july, typical temperatures in the morning 66 and 87 in the afternoon. look at these spreads on the records. 57 to 102. and by the way those were four years apart with the cooler one being more recent one in 1999. 5:53 sun up and down at 8:32789 and a fair amount of sunshine and high clouds streamers coming from the high level winds coming in across the great lakes and parts of western maryland. that mixes in with early sunshine but most are high thin level clouds and we are looking at high pressure in control. the position will be crucial because that at this stage of the game determines the wind direction and wind direction from the east hold our temperatures down. but it could pile up moisture from the atlantic and winds from the southeast starts to pile in a little more humidity as well. overall, the backside of the the high pressure will bring in more heat. and that will be the case once we get the system to slide off
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the coast by early next week. until then it's the position and location of the high and a little disturbance with the upper level may spawn showers near new york metro area during the late afternoon. and traveling in that direction for your friday, that may be something you encounter and we will watch at least the influence of winds maybe piling in clouds here along the beaches on saturday with some additional clouds and winds off the water. the immediate shoreline could be held back in the 70s well the mix of clouds and sun around here but a pretty decent weekend before we get the heat to make a return early next week. so for today, 85. our two degree guaranteed high. still comfortable and a mix your of -- mixture of sun and clouds. seasonable levels of the mid- 60s. getting into the weekend, notice the slow rampup of the temperatures. although it might be a different story at beach. 88 on sunday and for baltimore and that's what we are looking at a. hotter forecast next week. monday through thursday a high temperature in the 90s. wind may hold the air -- winds
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may hold the air temperature in the 70s on saturday. >> reporter: we have an accident reported in parkton. 83 south before york road two miles south of the pennsylvania line. let's look at 95 this is at fort mchenry tunnel. no problems to report here. a little heavier traffic northbound to the left of your screen. we have an accident series in cecil county between a semi and a car. 59 shut down pass route 222. get off at exit 100 and use route 1 or pulaski highway. there's no word on whether or not the ravens will soot up this fall. but up next, more nfl talks are scheduled. will they shed a glimmer of hope on the football season? but there plus, the busy -- plus, the busiest highway in southern california will be closed and it will have an effect on those who re-- thousands who rely on that route daily.
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five things to know before heading out door this morning. a chance to learn more about the traffic for the baltimore
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grand prix. big race takes place labor day weekend. the city's department of transportation will host the last open meeting today from 11 to one. nfl owners and players will meet again today. and there's hope that an agreement at least in principal could be -- principle could be coming in the labor talks. after marathon talks yesterday, there's been -- talks yesterday, there's been significant progress on a sticking point. there are still other key issues that need to be hashed out. casey anthony's jailhouse bank account has been gave boost. reports are that donors from as far away as canada have been sending money to her account. jail records show her account has gone from 264 to nearly $500 since the days of the verdict. she was found not guilty in the killing of her daughter and is scheduled to be released on sunday. drivers in los angeles will have to find another way to get around. the 405 dubbed the highest traveled highway in los angeles
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will be shut down this weekend for 53 straight hours. a 10-mile stretch will be closed for construction on a typical weekend 500,000 cars pack the road. people are calling it carmageddon weekend. atlantis crew will give an update on the 12-day mission. they have been dealing with a glitch in one of the shuttle's five main computers. nasa says there's no concerns for the crew's safety. we have heard so much about it. you need to get your vitamin c. coming up, does vitamin c have all the power some claim it does. and research results thatbeg to differ and the discovery of the biggest marijuana farm in mexico. how it was found. and a woman is attacked because of who she resembles. find out who her attacker thought she was. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 a.m. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virginia, where baltimore goes to get away.
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